Understanding the Importance of Body pH

Here's another excerpt from my book, regarding the importance of understanding body pH, and acid-forming foods. Remember I love getting feedback, and questions, so don't be shy. Just visit the blog and ask away.

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Enzymes - In a Nutshell

Hello friends. As promised, here's an excerpt from my book, which covers one of my favorites topics on Metabolism, and Nutrition. The book goes into a little more details, with pictures but I've inclulded enough here to get your minds thinking.

A quick note about enzymes

Next week I'll be publishing an article on metabolism, so I won't go into great detail on that process here. However, in that article you'll learn that the metabolism of food into simpler molecules is similar to the breakdown of any fuel. In order to breakdown the food into usable fuel, some energy must be added. In the body, this breakdown is facilitated and regulated by Enzymes.

When we eat foods that have their enzymes intact, digestion is easier and less taxing on our bodies. (Because our body doesn't have to produce enzymes for the digestion.)

Also worth mentioning, they are present in all living things and perform the essential functions of converting food into energy.


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